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Completed routes:

"Pokatushki" on r. "Curve", September, 22-24, 2000.

Intro picture

"Bezdorozhnaja" the part of a route has made about 50 kms.
General extent of a route has made about 400 kms.
Time of passage "bezdorozhnoj" parts of a route - about 16 hours.

Automobiles participated:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser BJ-60, 1982 - further - "Wanderer"
  • Toyota Land Cruiser BJ71, 1987 - further - "Bear"
  • MMC Pajero, 1994 - further - "Padzhero"
  • Toyota Blizzard - further - "Kid"
  • Korando - further - "Pencil"

As the abundance of fords is possible to note the basic feature of a route, depth up to 1.2 m. "Chesspiece" "pokatushek" was, that from 4 (and then and 5) participating machines only one could be named concerning prepared to overcoming fords. Nevertheless, " nobody has sunk ". Probably, the God dzhipperov has forgiven us - " on first time ".

As have each other found in full darkness - till now not clear...

The first ford - fine, wide and photogenic...

After that there was a mud site, with deep kolejami

In a place of the maximal ford water "Wanderer" reached a cover of a cowl.

Nahodchane the first have shown a way of overcoming of ford "back to front".

71 - j "Bear", having overlooked to include a mode "4х4" has vigorously reached to middle of the river where has safely got stuck.

The crew of "Bear" courageously struggled for survivability of a vessel.

"Kid" has passed the given site effectively, but without adventures

Further there were any more very terrible fords which were overcome quickly and cheerfully

Sometimes from the party(side) it even reminded vodnomotornyj sports.

Remembering manuals of crew of "Pencil", tried to keep about the main reference point - lines LEP

The "Pencil" following ahead with a significant separation, it was possible to catch up eventually... After they have lost a forward drive

Soon after that "Wanderer" has lost a forward drive also.

After short rest, hours in 18 "have again started moving".

Almost at once have reached ford through already completely not big, but, nevertheless, still spiteful "Curve".

Participants of automobile race were involved with a smell of solar oil, strujka which by thickness in a pencil and was found out on road.

After the pass "Straw" was overcome also a surface to the touch began more - less equal, having forced rechku, have risen camp.

After breakfast were set further.

Having pasted on poverzhennogo " the friend on impassability " a firm label, were not kept - were photographed for memory.

All site from the river up to surburbs with. " The Gold Valley " in not urgent rate of hour for 2.

It is necessary to notice, what we have a little deviated the planned route - on pass "Straw" we have turned not on the left how it planned, and to the right Е I now think - can be, zrja?

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