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Completed routes:

"Pokatushki" in suburb of city - searches of a constant place for "pokazushek" - " indicative pokatushek ". (Gallery)

"Ice Trofi" (Gallery) (map of a route, Photo of ITAR-TASS)
The photo-report about " Ice trofi " from Kesha
The photo-report about " Ice trofi " from Misha (Toyota Surf)

The unnoficial report of New Year and New Millenium celebrating in a taiga. The truth about a holiday. (Gallery)

Single trophy-raid to the Shkotovskoe Plato in winter (Gallery)

"Shkotoplato" trail , November, 18-19, 2000 (Gallery)

Khasansky area trail, October, 21-22, 2000 (Gallery)

River "Krivaya" trail , September, 22-24, 2000 (Gallery)

Automobile race " Vladivostok - Yuzhno-Sahalinsk-Vladivostok ", 2000. (Gallery)

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