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"Ice trofi ":

Card(map) of a route

Snow obochina

Let's pull we shall try...

That it has turned out...:)

O.Popova, a bay Boundary, participants...

And now from this party(side)...

More close!:)

Once more!

Forward! Ahead about. Rejnike!

b. Boundary...

The wanderer and. Boundary

Passage between about. Popova and about. Rejnike - the Pedestrian investigation.

We and on about. Rejnike!!!

o. Rejnike - 4 crews have reached(achieved) the purpose!

Gas - 66 on about. Rejnike...

Padzherik in football plays:)

The gully which has been filled up with snow, is rather dangerous. Kesha has felt it to the full

Consequences of a meeting with a gully...

Everyone aspire to help.

Soon in a way back.

The sun sits.

The wanderer and Misha wait...

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