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The report about " Ice Trofi "

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In " Ice trofi " only 8 crews have gone. In structure:
MMC Pajero (Dima Alexey&)
Nissan Safari (Diggerr, it(he) ????-511)
Nissan Safari (Kesha)
Toyota LandCruiser BJ41 (Vitalja)
Toyota LandCruiser BJ60 (Wanderer)
Toyota LandCruiser LJ71 (Patrik)
Toyota Surf (Misha)
Suzuki Escudo (Dima)

Idea "prohvatit'" on islands, "podogretaja" strong frosts :) has arisen for a long time. Only complexities with a ferry communication frightened (newspapers in eager rivalry a little wrote about difficulties of inhabitants of islands). We even all over again have decided to refuse idea of this. All has changed, when I have gone with the wife once behind products to area Egershel'da. All one beside and I have decided to visit to look at beacon "Tokarevsky", Russian island and in general on a situation ice. What surprise was - when I have seen quite efficient ice road - " road of life "! Running from island up to continent. I have not resisted(stood) also...:) At once has jerked on about. Russian. About the successful experiment has informed comrades to rods. In day have visited on investigation on about. Russian and about. Elena& to agree upon a lodging for the night and to find out a situation...

And. Solar and frosty morning February, 3. I as have usually overslept and in desperate haste got ready for a trip, fastened the aerial, adjusted radio station already in a way... At an entrance to a place of a meeting on air zavereshchal comrade "Padzhik" - they artful on the morning ferry (and not laziness was to rise in 6 mornings) were forwarded and already waited for us on island. On air sounded, - " Reception, reception! We direct you!... In area Egershel'da the ice breaker works... Reception, reception... ". To 10 mornings has gathered 7 crews, 8-th was already in Russian. We were set to a beacon. Near support LEP have a little conferred - who goes the first, who closing (have decided to put through one machine - with radio station and without).

Also BEGAN! The first has gone Diggerr (????-511), then Kesha, the Wanderer, Misha, Vitalja, Dima, closed I (Patrik). On ice have gone without an excessive fever, observing intervals. Closer to Russian on a portable radio set of me have asked to pick up the operator removing a column on ice, that I and have made. On the Channel (about. Russian) the meeting with Podzherikom, brief discussion and forward, on conquest of islands was held! Further we were waited with frozen bay Novik. A column of jeeps, manoeuvring between surprised fishermen (some have decided even, that it Nazdratenko on fishing has left:)))), it was set to Podnozh'ju. On ice on a portable radio set of me have again asked to take away the operator but since I went the second or the third, I naturally could not make it, about what have informed in an ether. To pick up the operator it was caused Padzherik. On Bottom have examined numbers(lines) - there is no two: Padzherika and Keshi... It Was found out, that Padzherik has found somewhere, whether the snowdrift, whether lunku and independently could not leave. Kesha has returned and has helped "pervozastrevatelju".:)

The following adventure of us waited on snow-covered roads of island Russian. The basic roads were cleared well away and rolled. To go on them there was one pleasure! But soon roads became narrow. The minibus has towards appeared. We as present dzhippery shodu have dived in snow-covered obochinu. Avtobasik has passed, we have tried to get out, from appeared deep obochiny, but not here that was!:) Diggerr has refused  the help and floundered itself. On me has hooked Dima both has pulled... Also has torn off to itself a forward left towing hook. As a whole the machine of Escudo very much even anything (it is especial Dimin the prepared device), but all the same demands accuracy in circulation... It Was necessary to resort to the help of collective.

Passage Starka have reached very quickly. Have recollected that the operator would remain on ice. Novik:) to remove a column... Padzherik has gone behind it(him). We have waited for it(him) and have gone further. Have slipped an ice field of a bay Boyar and a passage (at the left, very picturesquely, looked korabliki) and islands Popova were set deep into. The huge snow field from the southern party(side) of island harboured plural obstacles which overcoming has borrowed(occupied) hour one and a half - two (including photographing by all structure). While all floundered Misha, and I mastered coast of a bay Boundary.
The small strongly snow-covered southern cape of island Popova was the nearest point to about. Rejnike, therefore I was set there. As far as it was possible has passed on the automobile, then has gone on foot. Appeared, that further roads are not present (anyway, I could not find her(it)), but is tired the order since snowdrifts here and there were higher than a belt(zone). Having returned, has found out, that people already vovsju struggles with these snowdrifts. I, certainly, "have pleased" all - that there is no there path! Also has gone down to poljanke. People to gambol has not ceased while at 40-th Kruzera has not bursted spherical on rulevke. One of safarikov (????-511) has jerked in city behind spare parts. The others have stopped on a halt.
Had a bite. Have talked. Have tried to ask two local kinds muzhichkov about possible(probable) road on about. Rejnike, on what those otvetstvovali - say, not local we rjabjatki... Not in kursjah... Then I and the Wanderer have gone to the pedestrian investigation. Whose caring hands have once placed landmarks. On ice recent traces easy gruzovichka or a minibus with such double small kolesikami and the old traces of motor-transport brought by snow clearly were seen. We have reached almost island and everywhere ice represented continuous, without traces of a break, a field. In one place of a break of ice it was visible, that his(its) thickness about meter.

Two have remained near the padded machine (Safarik and the Escudo) the others were set further. The first has gone the Wanderer, behind it(him) I, then Padzherik, closed desperate column Misha. Moved quickly occasionally exchanging words on a portable radio set. And it(he) island Rejnike! To tell - that local residents were surprised is all the same, that nothing to tell!:) it Is especial after break "Padzhika" through the snow tunnel and the subsequent auto-dances on a snow-covered football field...;) very picturesquely looked certain deserted by fighters (probably not so for a long time), a caterpillar armoured car...:) some Have driven on island, and especially become tipsy from good luck and not only;) steel about about. Rikorda pogovarivat'!:)))) But the destiny to tempt was not given with absolutely impassable roads of island. Therefore have gone the same order back. {Rejnike}

Have returned on about. Popova without problems. Having left two crews (Surf and the Wanderer) to protect padded a/m, have jerked through about. Russian on about. Elena&. And jerk appeared too fast:) Here sayings also occur (you go More silently... Without effort... The Wolf of a leg feed... Op. CHyo I not there...:))))
Safarik (Kesha), has not noticed rather deep gully and, having flown shodu, has lost a forward wheel (the disk has bursted). People have escaped (the good machine - Safarik, strong).
After fast repair were set further. Russian have reached without adventures. On the island Padzherik has flied from a snow-covered line and was rescued from snow captivity Keshej.

I on place Padzherika would tell MANY THANKS KESHE!:) That would do(make), if not it(he)?...:)

On ice of Bay Novik have met ????-511 with Vitalej and spare parts. Have sent Vitalju with Eskudikom to be under repair, and have continued a way on about. Elena&. Kesha has returned to city. On the channel have rearranged crews and a point of spending the night (the ancient powder cellar equipped in very comfortable habitation) have safely reached(achieved).
Have started to get acquainted with owners to be equipped... Someone has gone to survey sights, someone cleaned a potato:
The portable radio station has submitted attributes of life, and we have gone to meet otstavshih. From darkness the Wanderer has appeared. It was found out, that it(he) has lost forward kardan and thus is deprived a forward drive. ????-511 has gone to meet broken TLC-41 and Eskudik and has soon returned, showing to them road.
The wanderer did not manage to get on the zadneprivodnom tlc-60 in snow gorku, is closer to habitation, Stas has undertaken to it(him) to help. And it was possible to it(him)! :)  has unexpectedly appeared JAM with brat an ohm: :)
Some time after all sat at a hospitable table and cheerfully discussed events of past day. JAM about a brat-ohm have left for city, the others have remained on a lodging for the night.

In the morning in city the Escudo and broken the Wanderer and Vitalja have left. The staying three crews have made excursion departure certain comrade "Norfesu" :) very beautiful kind opens from the top point of island of Elena! Then have tried to punch in deep snow road to kolodtsu. Pobarahtalis' in snow. Had a bite. Have said goodbye to owners. Have gone to city.

P.S. Approximately half of crews was equipped with radio stations. It HAS VERY MUCH FACILITATED LIFE! Due to radio stations quickly it was possible to correct zabludivshihsja comrades to rescue got stuck and to hold on communication(connection) forcing dangerous sites of a way. To me it is thought - radiofikatsija should be full! It considerably will secure all our departures. Is simple to make an obligatory condition presence of stationary or mobile radio station of a range 27Mhz (CB).

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