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The informal report on celebrating New Year and New Millenium in a taiga. The truth about a holiday.

The idea to leave for frameworks of stereotypes of celebrating of new year (visitors, the vodka, a drunk grandfather - frost, a wild hang-over since morning etc.) was born for a long time, but could be realized only on a boundary of millenia, that is symbolical.

If there is a desire - there will be also opportunities. Have found firm with convenience in a wood (well all right, the Wanderer has found), have thrown klich to sympathizing citizens from among ours, have bought that it is necessary and for 31-st waited.

Gathered, as always, longer than planned. In result have gathered on departure city at 17.30 - on 1.5 later, than wanted. The structure of group of enthusiasts was such: Wanderer TLC 60, JAM and Brat TLC 60, Vitalja on TLC 40, Stan and I on Safari Y 60.

At the moment of gathering had with itself: a meal, vodka and other PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, GPS, CB communication(connection), the generator of 2.8 kw, fireworks and a heap of desire to leave from city somewhere. Also we had a card(map) of district with the enemy base put on it(her) in structure: izbushka for residing interventionists - 2 piece, a bath to be soared in it(her) - 1 piece, an ice-hole, storozhka the forester presumably sympathizing any lawful interventionist - 1 piece. The card(map) was executed in style "by hand" and topographical designations, a coordinate grid, tyings on distances had no. The composer of a card(map), probably, did not assume, that we shall go on it(her) at night.

Went equally, a column, it is cheerful trepjas' on SV while JAM'?? kruzer has not begun to wag a tail and has not stopped. We went behind it(him) and stopping have accepted about meter on obochinu which after a recent snowfall looked ideally equally and rather hospitably .V the following moment the machine flied somewhere downwards, and we had time to think that are simply obliged to turn over, t.k.letim ochchen' is fast. But is not present - has carried, have stopped having hung with a lateral roll of degrees in 35. With JAM'?? too has costed, it(he) has simply caught the liftovannoj a suspension bracket from road a resonance and it(him) horoshen'ko has shaken - full illusion of breakdown of a wheel (and you see at him(it) 35 BFG). As the originator of mine kul'bita (someone should be guilty) JAM'? had to work as the tractor and having cut all loki it(he) it is easy, as morkovku from grjadki, has taken out 2.5 ton Safarik from kanavy, having broken a burst of applause of spectators (all ours).

Further have gone quietly, I did not fall anywhere more, idle talk on SV proceeded, girls and other wives discussed details of toilets not paying attention to our shy attempts to introduce order on air. Have reached up to Anuchino and have stopped. On our cards(maps), normal and that, left, that we need to move through the bridge, but the unique bridge in district was on repair. Have gone to search for a detour, stopped some times, opened discussions, and time approached New Millenium. And, at deciding(solving) moment, we (I and Stan) have jerked forward and have quickly gone, as it became clear, that debate is tightened(delayed), and New Year soon. People long did not delay, has pulled for us. In SV different epithets on our account were distributed, I shall not bring even most gentle of them. From race people has quickly calmed down and now was interested just there on GPS, on what Stan was finished by maxims such as " all normally ". And normal there was nothing, since. At this stage GPS it was no more useful, than any Game-Boy at game in Tetris, you see the card(map) with a coordinate grid at us was not. Despite of it we appeared on a correct way and went already on that card(map) where up to the certain moment names of villages through which we needed to pass were specified. The wanderer went after terribly cursing what hardly was in us has not driven, because we expecting a column on the next fork stood very imperceptibly. On air have on the spot decided: who will stop - warn the others by radio. In last village by name Elovka in a kind of a nasty topographical situation, we interrogated the local resident, presumably a female (what there a floor at 23 December, 31). The local resident has told to us a direction of movement and has opened the secret marks, able to promise to us success. Being conformed with the received data and having passed(missed) these through our cogitative centres we have developed strategy and tactics of movement to the purpose.

The given strategy by 23 to 52 minutes has resulted us in ford through not frozen in 24 gradusnyj a frost the river that was rastseneno present as someone's craft and people started to prepare for a meeting of the next Linoleum, oj, seem not that, Milleniuma, in, precisely. Millenium was met quickly and operatively because it was very cold, and time to pull out all supplies has not sufficed, vytashchennoe have eaten quickly, have sat everyone to itself to be heated. The mood began so-so. It was solved what to go not so far, and more soon already it would be desirable to arrive permanently to drink and motionlessly to have a snack.

One and a half, followed behind it, hour prygany on snow-covered mountains, vspahivanija virgin snows, shturmovany any slopes, our mood, clearly, did not improve. So tactics of movement by a column in a direction of a prospective shelter was not justified, as when the head machine affirmed in opinion, that road again appeared incorrect, all had to be developed(unwrapped) back, manoeuvring between trees and to stamp up to the nearest fork. There was an idea to go all in the different parties(sides), and then, going(gathering) in a place of start to report the public on the investigated territories. Startanuv from the next fork and having strayed minutes 15-20 on brought by snow lesovoznym to roads the heroic crew of not less heroic board 511 suddenly has found out a structure. The structure looked like plain, but rather dimensional and was identified, as a cordon of woodcutters (to tell the truth deduction there and not pahlo, about a house stood old trelevshchik). To that batteries in a portable radio set have already sat also we have gone with a message to a point of gathering. Not holding a meeting at all all have gathered at a house and have started to comb district. By survey it was established, that people in district are not present, they have left recently (a furnace warm), places to sleep will suffice everything, the dwelling contains all interested persons, there is a distributing with bulbs 12 In under the accumulator. Have got and have examined the generator brought with self, to considerable my pleasure at him(it) appeared 12 In an output(exit) and only it has helped to defend lifes of the accumulator to which hands thirsting light (Safarik already lasted stood closly to wires). Light has flashed, the holiday proceeded. Brat, having shown nedjuzhennye abilities of the pathfinder has found out object carefully disguised by the enemy special importance - a bath which it(he) immediately and selflessly started to kindle. The spiritualized colleagues little by little have started to depart to dream, time approached dawn

Morning has brought the first anxieties concerning owners of these places. Prospect, that on an output(exit) from a bath, you, serene, slightly intoxicated and weakened, the gloomy people armed with motor-saws such as "Friendship", "Ural" will meet and with axes such as "kolun" us did not please. Sad colleagues was a little, namely crew of the Wanderer and ours with Stan'??. The others concerned to similar prospect rather quietly for two unequal reasons: or still slept, or were borrowed(occupied). Socially useful Business (OPD). Brat occupied a bath of unfortunate woodcutters and one by one beat bannye records anuchinskogo area (temperature in a sweating room, time of stay in it(her) of an albuminous body and so forth).

By two machines we have gone to investigation. The problem(task) was put such: to find the made local resident and to try to receive from him(it) more full information on a place interesting us. For the clear reasons (1-st, morning) we were not sure in success, but nice(famous) inhabitants Elovki of us have fairly surprised. From two interrogated individuals both distances intelligible answers, the truth specifying in the opposite parties(sides). The deductive method has prompted us a direction and we, still trusting in itself, have followed the conclusions. To indirect attributes it turned out, that we move in a direction specified by that, crafty antiespionage card(map). More all of our pleasure was caused with the modest tablet with the information that we are in territory required ohothozjajstva. Further the card(map) contained the information on one branch in the necessary direction, and on district was found out three equivalent. Probably it is not necessary to speak that any fresh traces of transport was not found out anywhere. Not being divided(shared) any more on search parties(sets), have sat batteries in stations, snows was 40-50 see and continuous rises - descents, have gone systematically to comb all directions.

Have sat once, the Wanderer was planted(put) because of buksujushchego couplings as then appeared. To outcome of the third hour of wanderings, on nothing allocated from among other to road, have found out a gate and the kind forester with them beside, it and was our base. The heroic Wanderer has remained on it(her) (has not passed obsession green zmiem), and we as most what for sober, have gone to bear(carry) a good message to the staying in the enemy territory to weights. Weights felt like not bad: JAM reclined with the pleased person on narah - well to the person it could not be bad in such condition, Brat has heated a bath dokrasna and soared in it(her) available girls, taking into account, that from clothes on it(him) there were boots taken "for rent" at woodcutters, a show it(he) was picturesque, however to girls did not stick, sublimirujas' is extreme on bannyh procedures. Vitalju we have met on road there - it(he) already went to search for us independently. With the help of arrangements, intimidations by malicious woodcutters, neterpilivym gassing before windows possible taki to shift having a rest nar.massy from a place, and longly it was necessary to persuade Brat'? which was locked in a bath and shouted therefrom, that to it(him) and so well and anywhere it(he) will not go. Only girls could influence his(its) mentality, obviously having promised it(him) what to be soared any more will not be never, and loneliness in a bath this very nasty feeling, understand. At support of colleagues on the road found by us, confidently choosing one of naskol'kih directions on numerous forks, it was possible to be struck some times as all of us have found a way.

The interior of small houses has pleased with cleanliness and the other comfort which is not expected in such place. Have started the generator and an electricity has arisen everywhere, even in a bath. It is healthy have sat. Had not bad a sleep. Had well a meal (a firm dish - a diesel turtle).

Next day have decided to lead(carry out) trial runs svezhepriobretennogo JAM'?? TLC 60 with nadduvnoj the four, all blocking and to compare her(it) to my old kind Y 60. In tests was caused to participate Vitalja on TLC 40 on modest 31 " Winter Dueler. Have gone. JAM constantly went with included forward and back interwheel lokami. Urged on on a virgin soil, stormed hopeless rise, and then have chosen a snow-covered flood gully and gambolled in it(him). Vitalja marvellously well went on snow on rather modest rubber. At any moment JAM'?? kruzer has ceased to go, from him(it) the gnash was distributed. The back bridge and one wheel forward visually worked, and another meanwhile at any moments had a snack, as braked the machine. In a mode 3WD with one podtormazhivajushchim wheel TLC to go refused. Having practiced with lebyodkoj were pulled out on equal, have gone on base on two VD, having disconnected haby. Breakage predicted without disassembly - destruction pomegranates SHRUSa because of an overload at driving with included lokami. It speak podklinivanija.

Having returned on base, have drunk on a wine-glass to tea, descended(went) in a bath, and having left comrades to continue heroic rest, hour in 23 January, 2-nd, 2001 have left in city. It was necessary to be to morning in Vladivostok

Dmitry - a board 511
05.01.01 - 1:45:56


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