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Single heavy-road on winter SHkotovskomu the Plateau.
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"Bezdorozhnaja" the part of a route has made about 60 kms. In detail under the circuit of movement it is possible to look on a card(map).

The automobile " Nissan Safary " dlinnobraznyj participated.

Trip was remembered by an abundance "forsmazhornyh" situations. It is dear not ezzhennaja, constantly it was necessary "to press" snow from a course, in a mode 4?4. As consequence(investigation) - at me again zastuchal lok on the forward bridge, and I was afraid to remain in a wood with one back bridge. From there on back to not get out.

During trip there were following incidents. During one at slipping has bent dummies on a wheel, the wheel has lost pressure and when we pulled out the machine lebedkoj, the wheel has broken from a disk. To continue movement without a spare wheel have considered too dangerous, therefore it was necessary to resort to the help of woodcutters (gasoline, a blowtorch, air) and zabortirovat' a wheel. It was especially remembered bortirovka by explosion of gasoline. Personally I did(made) it for the first time.

The ambassador bortirovki wheels have continued movement, have reached to mountain "Copper", have curtailed(turned) to the right and pobreli to the north. Snow was higher than middle of a wheel. Soon "lok" on a forward wheel began to tap, and has darkened already. Have stopped for night. Slept in the machine with pechkoj. Behind a board on the thermometer was-28, in the machine +15.

In the morning the machine categorically refused to be got(started). As it seems to me diztoplivo has frozen in TNVD since when twisted a starter the engine from an exhaust pipe there was pure(clean) air. It was necessary to plant a fire and to heat the engine. On all it is cunning about two hours. Movement further have decided to not continue, as there was a danger finally to curtail(turn) "lok" and to remain on a plateau on always.

As it seems to me, we have found correct road. A problem what even now, under 40??. Snows on it(her) flow ruch'i and the machine strongly slips. Probably, it is necessary to go on this road at the end of November when she(it) will freeze slightly, but snow yet will not be.

In shantsevyj the tool for winter trips it is necessary to include the following:

  • Mounts
  • Blowtorch + gasoline
  • The chamber - 2 piece.
  • The good pump or (?) a cylinder with compressed air.
  • Ether for start-up of the engine.

Besides it is necessary to make on disks protection for nipples that when the machine slips, a nipple has not broken any stick or a stone.

One more unpleasant thing, that when buksuesh' in water was found out in the winter, water can get between a tire cover and a disk on "beskamerke" to freeze and let out air. On one wheel at me and has taken place, then both it(him) nadul, and all became normal.

Innokenty Lazarev AKA "LEAGUES".

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