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"Pokatushki" in suburb of city - searches of a constant place for "pokazushek" - " indicative pokatushek ".

Have gone in r-n the Ermine, on that place which Vitalja and Sanek validly named "Tankodrom". It was on closer examination found out, that it only shooting gallery DVGU. To tell the truth, here and there was it is direct on "tankodromovski" it is impassable. Having waited While all had a good time with JAM?? at entrance on territory of a shooting gallery (swung to it(him) wheels, went for for him(it) behind solar oil and checked to it(him) lebedku) Vitalja has had time to be dug particularly. After paging message Vitale: " We wait at entrance on a shooting range. Come back. If can " has not conceived any action, all were set "to rescue". At movement JAM??????? issued strange shuffling sounds. JAM stopped, left the automobile - sounds stopped. When have reached up to Soared and San'ka, it is persistent kopavshih small lopatkoj a huge heap of snow from which here and there looked through "sorokovka", JAM has decided them to pull lebedkoj. However appeared, that on lebedke there is no hook, and she(it) continuously rotates, in combination being a source of those strange shuffling sounds. Vitalju have pulled out, a hook have found. It is good, when lebedka works!

Naturally, such small losses could not stop fans(amateurs) of " dirty driving ". After muffled poligonchika in r-not SHamory where JAM has stamped all stayed snow, it was possible to find a worthy place - to the left of zolootvala. On entrance JAM has failed the left party(side) in kanavu, razbortirovav and having torn thus a forward 35-inch wheel. Vitalja with San'kom too did not lose time for nothing - "sorokovka", it is hoarse revja the engine, has climbed up taki furiously stormed ice-covered slope, and almost at once has sharply disappeared from eyes of enthusiastic public, having issued thus a characteristic sound of falling of a heavy physical body on the chilled ground. Having thrown(stopped) JAM??????? all with cheerful laughter have directed on top.

"Sorokovka" has practically made "svechku", having failed a forward part in an impressive hole. There were even technical damages - a radical sheet of a back right spring independently "zatjuningovalsja", priobretja a beautiful semicircular kind, thus, the truth, having pressed down becoming not so necessary "ser'gu" to a frame. Laughing and joking prisutstvovavshie have taken advantage of a jack and wooden bruskom for vodvorenija "ser'gi" on the historical native land. To tell the truth, the spring and has kept some features "tjuningovosti". From jamki the machine too vytolkali it is easy - she(it) simply poskol'zila on a slope sideways after the smallest initial push.

And have visited, actually. Losses are equivalent to any "Curve". That means - city close - everyone relax - you see evakuator it is possible to cause not leaving from the machine, by the phone;) Well and the most important purpose of trip - to find a place where evidently it is possible "to load" at the presence of some of idle spectators the machine on vnedorozhnoj to a theme - like as was in part executed. On a photo of all prelestej it is not visible, however, believe, " it of that costs(stands) ".

Nevertheless, if who can advise similar places in suburb Vladivostok? - as they say, only we shall be glad.

Alexander Holjanov AKA "Wanderer"

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