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( to unpack and enclose(print out and enclose) in benzopilu)

1. Bodies benzopily:

  • derzhalka (consists from hvatalki, nazhimalki and nastupalki)
  • drebezzhalka (consists from pupka, rychazhka, buttons, dergalki, two vintikov, a petrol tank and maslobaka)
  • pililka (such long flat dryna ahead sticks out, consists of a cloth and a circuit dressed on on it(her) - not gold!!!)
  • System of a safety of the operator benzopily in case of a sharp release of a cloth with working circuit upwards and protection travmirovanija the operator benzopily a cloth with a moving circuit in the field of a head, a back, other operator benzopily (above / before pililkoj such artful plastic uhvat)

2. Before zazhzhuzhat'

a) Zalejte in a saw two magic solutions.

The first solution is combined in manufacturing and Gasoline ??-95 \ " consists of inflammable poisonous liquid \ " (to not smoke! To hold on call bagor, a bucket with sand, the powder fire extinguisher and an autoladder on 66 meters) and magic structure \ " Oil for duple engines \ " (it is enclosed in a suitcase - a white - yellow bottle with green rich rubbish), mixed in the ratio 40 to 1.
Attention! Infringement of a parity(ratio) does not guarantee occurrence of magic effect. To measure a pipette, a beaker, a test tube to within a drop. It is supposed to measure fuses, kolpachkami, wine-glasses, glasses.
It is supposed to change a parity(ratio) from 30 to 1 up to 50 to 1 + - 5 to 1
It is not supposed to mix \ " by eye \ ", it is better \ " approximately \ " and \ " on vskidku \ ".
To mix in separate container, the canister, a bottle, a pot, palms.
The received solution differs attractive color and a smell.
The solution is necessary for drebezzhalki.
Distinctive feature of correctly prepared solution - drebezzhalka will earn on a magic word. If drebezzhalka will not earn, it is necessary to replace a magic word with more magic.
External! In case of the use of structure vovnutr' to have a snack coal and to smoke(light).
About 300 milliliters of the first solution it is filled in under the big mouth benzopily (about(near) derzhalki).
The second solution is filled in in a small mouth (about(near) pililki). To it(him) it is possible to attribute(relate) any oil, motor, transmissionnoe, nigrol, mineralka, synthetics and a floor, kastorovoe and, on hearings, even improvement.
Attention! Cold start-up on rich oil should not be complicated.
Capacity of a tank - about 100 milliliters. The solution is necessary for work pililki.

b) To check up a correct condition pililki.

Circuit in middle of a cloth if to pull her(it), should depart on 4-5 mm. If it is more or less - the circuit is necessary for tightening.

It is done(made) so:

  • In a suitcase lays magic kljuchik (not gold)
  • One end of a key weakens on 1-2 revolutions two nuts close to a cloth, from the party(side), by return to fuses
  • The second party(side) of a key the small screw near to a cloth, perpendekuljarnyj planes of nuts turns
  • On a hour hand - for a tightness, against hour - for easing
  • We check a tension of a circuit
  • Then again by the first party(side) of a key it is tightened(delayed) two big nuts

3. That zazhzhuzhzhat'

a) zalejte both magic structures in capacities specially allocated(removed) for them. Let's structures mix up!!!
b) Close special capacities special fuses
v) Cock \ " system of a safety... \ " (strongly and sharply press her(it) in the direction of pililke, she(it) either will easily be pressed, or will click - has worked, means. Then pull her(it) on itself with the big effort before occurrence of deaf(indistinct) knock - kurok it is cocked)
g) Trace position of the button on drebezzhalke (the button should be able OFF)
d) Some (5-6) times to press on rubber pupok near to the big fuse, while in it(him) (in pupke) the magic liquid number 1 will not appear.
e) Some (3-4) times derganut' for dergalku on a full speed to provide receipt of both liquids in all necessary tubules and shchelochki
zh) To disperse associates on a distance not less than 5 meters, especially nazojlevyh it is possible to not drive away and to give them to be taken for pililku
z) vkljucht' the button!!! (to transfer(translate) in position ON)
i) To put benzopilu on the ground
k) To look after, that pililka did not concern the ground is not a shovel, and benzopila
l) To come(step) the right leg on nastupalku
m) Is sharp to pull 2-3 times the right hand for dergalku
n) drebezzhalka will not join
o) To tell a magic word
p) To kick drebezzhalku
r) To try to extend dark blue rychazhok (podsos) near to nazhimalkoj
?) suddenly will help
t) Though never helps
u) But should
f) Even, like, has helped few times
h) Just in case, to tell a magic word
ts) To repeat operations e-k-l-m-n
ch) In case of failure to repeat operations e-p-r-s-t
sh) If, unexpectedly, drebezzhalka has earned - to tell a magic word
shch) neprogretaja drebezzhalka can not hold idling even on podsose, therefore include pililku, having pressed fingers of the right hand on nazhimalku, preliminary a palm of the right hand having pressed from above predohranjalku. Rychazhok podsosa thus avtomatitsski it will be involved..

ATTENTION!!! Working pililka - the terrible weapon!!! Do not give its(her) children, pregnant women, old men, over sensitive and severe Siberian woodcutters!!!

') If all set forth above operations have not helped - to tell a magic word
y) There is a cunning which almost always works. Come(step) on nastupalku the right leg, simultaneously to it(her) (the right leg) draw in from below nazhimalku for what all over again press predohranjalku.
') Then again derganut' for dergalku
e) Thus is continuous to speak magic words
ju) drebezzhalka zadrebezzhit
?) to tell last magic word - it is possible to be at war

4. How to be at war.

  • By pressing on nazhimalku starts to work pililka
  • If by pressing on nazhimalku pililka does not work, means the system of a safety has worked \ "... \ "
  • In this case switch off drebezzhalku and again cock \ " system of a safety... \ "
  • Do not hold pililku long idling (without vgryzanija) - it harmful& to it(her)
  • Choose a victim and accurately approach to it(her). Try to not frighten off.
  • It is forbidden to stick into a victim with the end pililki - posledstvi jamogut to be sad - the cloth will fly up upwards. If hands strong - to face, if weak - in a back. Even a magic word to tell you will not have time...
  • pililka it is entered in pulp of a victim by the bottom party(side) of a cloth, it is desirable closer to middle of a cloth
  • It is possible from above, from below, sideways
  • In a case has spent on drink from below - upwards it is supposed to work as the top party(side) of a cloth but to be thus the extremely cautious, to not press with all make a fool upwards - consequences are described above
  • If during attack the victim resists and jams in itself a cloth, providently try to take it(him) from a trap and to attack hardly from the party(side), to expand edges(territories) of a laceration
  • If it was not possible also a cloth has got in a trap, pililku has blocked also she(it) does not work - switch off drebezzhalku and with improvised means (lomy, axes, other operators) try to expand a trap to take pililku. Do not pull from a trap benzopilu with all make a fool - a victim a bit too
  • At work with benzopiloj, cost(stand) to the left of it(her) so that the plane of a cloth passed by you, hardly more to the right. So, just in case.
  • Completely filled tanks suffice for 30-40 minutes of continuous work drebezzhalki or on 2-3 large victims
  • It is not recommended to apply pililku to associates - they can take offence
  • The not sickly jet of sawdust akkurat on a boot is recommended to work in the closed footwear, for from under pililki lupit. Then zamuchaetes' splinters from socks to get

5. To not buzz

a) To press the button in position OFF
b) To tell a magic word

6. To return all as was

  • Try to not leave magic liquids in tanks - will flow out, reptiles!
  • To clean(remove) benzopilu in a suitcase
  • To not lose magic kljuchik
  • It(him) too to clean(remove) in a suitcase
  • There to clean(remove) a white - yellow bottle with a magic liquid
  • To tell a magic word

The note: the list of magic words is transferred orally from generation to generation. At a spelling they lose the magic force.

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