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Completed routes:

"Pokatushki" on "SHkotoplato", November, 18-19, 2000.
[map of route]

Video-roller of 18 minutes (~123Mb!)

Intro picture

General extent of a route has made about 400 kms.

Time of passage "bezdorozhnoj" parts of a route - in a direction "there" - 1.5 days, in a direction "back" - 3 hours.

Automobiles participated:

  • Nissan Safari dlinnobaznyj
  • Nissan Safari korotkobaznyj
  • Toyota Blizzard
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 80
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 60
  • Suzuki Escudo
  • MMC Pajero, 1994
  • Toyota Hilux Surf
  • Mitsubithi Delika (!!!)
The beginning

Crew "Sjurfa" and Vitalik

Limbering up (kruzer on the first hill)

Bog, 80-ка and Sjurf

Failure 60

Failure "Safarja"

Failure and I

Failure and group

Orientation on a card(map)


"Delika" on shkvorke

Small corduroy road

Corduroy road, 80


Crew "Blizzarda"

Crew "Eskudy"

Crew 80

Crew "Safarja"

60 entirely

Otkrenivanie "Deliki"


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